Amelia Island

SO I have to admit, when I found out I was going to Amelia Island, at first, I thought it was in Georgia. Yea, yea, I know … but I was confusing Sea Island (which I have yet to visit) with Amelia. And to be fair, it is the most southern of the Sea Islands and barely rests over the FLA/GA line so I wasn’t all that off. Of course there was also its name … Amelia … how could one not think it had something to do with the famed pilot who disappeared over the Atlantic in 1937? Well it doesn’t … even though a lot of people think it does. (The island was in fact named after the daughter of George II of Great Britain, Princess Amelia.)

But enough with the history. Here’s what I know about the island and her beautiful land.

For five days, I called The Amelia Plantation home. Part of the Omni Hotel chain, the resort spreads down the coastline with various levels of accommodations: villas, suites and standard hotel rooms. We stayed in what the plantation calls a residence—and it was beyond expectations. It was just two of us in the room but there was plenty of room for six if you included the pullout sofa. The bathrooms were plenty large and the kitchen area, though small, was well-equipped. Each residence building has its own pool, but I opted to spend my sun hours at the main pools and on the beach—which offers plenty of sand for long strolls in either direction. One thing to note, we stayed on the side that had recently underwent a remodel and from I what I gathered, we had one of the nicer and newer residences. My advice, when booking at the resort is to request accommodations on the north side of the resort.

One of the best things about this resort, I can run for hours! Literally. Not only is there a long winding path that lines the front of the resort both to the north and south, but there are small offshoots within the resort that wind you past the golf course, shops, water, and privately-owned bungalows and mansions alike.

During out time at the resort, we ate at a number of the restaurants—and the casual poolside eateries are fantastic—but my favorite is Verandah, a southern-style seafood joint that serves everything from fish and chips, to fried green tomatoes and fried chicken AND has variety of sustainably-caught fish which you can order simply grilled served with roasted brussels sprouts and seasonal mushrooms.

Bottom line, The Amelia Plantation is a lovely resort, one that I might not have stumbled on had it not been recommended to me … and one I hope to return to soon with my family … and next time, I will explore more of the coast … maybe even take my mermaid north up to Sea Island—you know, the one in Georgia : )