Key Largo

Driving to Key Largo from the Miami airport is a bit of a gut-wrenching experience for mermaid—especially one from the Midwest. The drive takes around 90 minutes, which is no big deal, but you wind through the Everglades and for someone who’s never seen an alligator … well, let’s just say my mermaid-self was a little on edge. Literally.

I stayed at The Ocean Reef Club, a private community with real estate and luxury hotel-like accommodations situated a few feet from the ocean. The resort has world-class golf, an amazing spa, beautiful grounds … and offers everything from tennis and fishing expeditions to yoga on the beach—which I did do and wrote about the rather odd experience on my other blog, The Flavored Word. (Not to toot my own horn, but if you’re in the mood to laugh a little, you really should click on that link and read about my experience … I still think Ashton Kutcher had something to do with it.)

The pools at The Ocean Reef Club are, literally, on the edge of the world and you can sit for hours watching yachts and sailboats come in and out of the harbor—one of the most relaxing afternoons I’ve had, and one of the more enjoyable ones at that, was the day I spent on a lounge chair imagining who may or may not be on those aforementioned yachts. Sometimes, a couple of magazines, a good book and my imagination is all I need to be happy … well, and a piña colada. Duh.

Running … there’s plenty of room within the resort to get a solid five-mile run in, but I suggest leaving and meandering the side streets—note, many dead end, but if you don’t mind turning around, it makes for a nice run with plenty of lovely homes and pretty scenery.

Food … like most luxury resorts, the Ocean Reef Club has plenty of top-notch restaurants but my personal favorites are the Raw Bar (no explanation needed) and the Islander for sushi. Just note, that many of the restaurants do have a dress code so be sure to double check before making plans … and gentlemen, just to be safe, I suggest packing that traditional navy-blue blazer; you might need it : )

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