Showertime = Beachtime

Need a little beach time when you can’t get to the beach? Let alone dream about it because it’s early in the morning and you’re alarm clock has violently awoken you from your sleep and cut short your dream of being beachside, oceanside, poolside. Check out these cute little shower minis by Hydra Aromatherapy & Bath. They come in an assortment of scents but my favorite (duh!) are the Day at the Beach variety pack in coconut lime and pineapple splash.

All you do is unwrap the ice cube-shaped product, place it on your soap dish, plash a little water on it and the sweet, sweet smell fills your shower. Now if only a cabana boy would bring you a piña colada you’d be set! You can order direct from Hydra but if you live in the greater Indianapolis area, you can pick up a few packs at Bath Junkie in Carmel. $10 for a package of six.

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