Clearwater, Florida

Originating from the West Coast, I never traveled to Florida for school spring breaks or summer vacations. When I was a kid, I was fortunate enough to go to Hawaii a number of times and when I was in college, most of my spring breaks were spent in Southern Cal … Long Beach, San Diego, Santa Monica, Ventura, Palm Desert … the list goes on. But now that the Midwest is home, it makes sense that Florida would be THE place to go for spring break. Over the last few years we’ve been to Destin, Palm Beach, Daytona, Key Largo, Amelia Island, and this last year, we went to Clearwater … which for those of you unfamiliar with Florida’s coast, it’s about halfway down on the gulf side.

Our VRBO rental was steps (literally) from the beach and about a half mile from town. As you cross the bridge we stayed to the right of town close to the Carlouel Yacht Club—if you can rent a house off El Dorado, do so: easy beach access, great area to run or walk, and older kids can easily walk to the local DQ for ice cream.


The main part of town is a hot spot for spring breakers and there’s tons of activity … you’ll find the classic surf shops you’d expect in a beach town along with a huge, well-equipped CVS, and plenty of restaurants. One thing to note, the main grocery store is on the other side of the bridge and although it’s not far (as the crow flies) it can take a LONG time to get back when the spring breakers crowd the streets. (And by long time, I mean 45 minutes to drive two miles so plan accordingly.)

My favorite shop is the Freaky Tiki Surf Shack—they stock killer hats, South-of-the-Border-style shawls, decals and have uber cool t-shirts (check out the Freaky Tiki mermaid I’m sporting).


Food … yes, there is that local DQ where the kids like to get their soft serve but the best ice cream on Mandalay Ave. can be found at these three hotspots: Serious Cookie Company (where you can get the world’s gooiest chocolate chip cookie topped with ice cream), Kilwins (where they’ve been dishing up some of the area’s best ice cream for decades), and the local favorite, Ice & Cream Creamery.

And for dinner, Frenchy’s is a winner-winner-chicken-dinner for seafood and burgers and cold beer and tequila too!

Running … you can run, or walk, for as long or as short as you want. There’re some amazing houses that line the bay side (according to one local I met, SPANX founder Sarah Blakely has a home there as does the French’s Mustard owner and famed wrestler, Hulk Hogan, among others) and it’s easy to run alongside their estates before entering the main town area … heck, you can even cross the bridge and keep going and going and going. Of course you can always run down the beach too.

So back to the “tons of activity” I mentioned above … like many major spring break beach destinations, Clearwater beach is loaded with plenty of vendors ready and willing to rent kayaks, paddleboards, volleyballs and in some places, fishing gear and beach-worthy cruisers. But, rather than rent directly from a beach-side shack, checkout Clearwater Paddleboard … they have multiple locations and have a great selection of SUPs, surfboards, bikes and more. And they even have a mermaid in their logo … clearly, you can’t go wrong renting from this Clearwater merchant ; )

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Hey there. I’m Shauna—a West Coast transplant in the landlocked state of Indiana … when I moved here I missed the beaches, the mountains, the desert, the rivers … and it took me a while to find places nearby that paralleled my old stomping grounds. BUT. Now that I’ve lived here for over 15 years, I’ve had time to explore the region and you know what? It’s amazing. There’s so much to do—from skiing in northern Michigan to relaxing lakeside in southern Kentucky to rocking the nightlife in one of the many metropolitan areas. And I love it here. I really do. BUT. I do miss the sea … and the sand and the rush of the waves … the smell of seawater … even the sting of too much sun after a day spent lollygagging at the beach. And I miss the constant supply of seafood and shellfish and riverfish? About that … since I’ve moved to the Midwest I’ve noticed that a lot of people here don’t consider fish that come from the river seafood … I’m not sure I agree, but hence the new word I’ve created, “riverfish” … time will tell if Webster picks it up ; ) So my blog, Seafood is The New Black, is my way of bringing a little bit of sea life (or is it sealife?) to the Midwest. And over on Seafood in the Circle City, you can read up on my favorite Indianapolis restaurants that serve seafood, and serve it well. As you read along, you’ll find all kinds of information … some that you might find more useful than others—and some, you might just find amusing … or not. Either way, and if nothing else, I hope you leave my little space here on the world wide web a little refreshed and maybe even a little inspired to bring a little bit of the ocean home with you. (Yes, I did use the word “little” four times in one sentence … it’s OK … mermaids like to repeat themselves.) Cheers! The Midwest Mermaid Oh, and if your curious, yes, I do actually write for a living … if you want to know about the organizations I work with and the publications where you can find my land legs, swim on over to the “Portfolio” tab … and thanks for visiting.

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