Try this New Drink Using Tequila (hint, its not a margarita)

I’m a sucker for a good margarita (most mermaids are). Not the kind, however, that comes together with an over-sweet, over-sugary, over-bland mixture of cheap tequila and premade mixer. I like my margaritas to have flavor … to taste as if the lime used to make the drink has just been picked.640px-Citrus_×aurantiifolia927505341One of the best margaritas I’ve ever had is from a quaint Mediterranean restaurant, Café Soriah, in Eugene, Oregon (of all places! I know!). They use good tequila and mix it with their own “fresh-squeezed sour.” The froth that blankets the top of the drink is so perfectly smooth I used to think it was finely mixed powdered sugar—it’s not. But that what I used to think before I knew what sour was.

Alas, since I now live in the Midwest I won’t be able to celebrate National Tequila Day with a Soriah Margarita. But I’m OK with that because the talented Milagro Brand Ambassador Jamie Salas, has come up with two innovative and refreshing alternatives to the margarita—both with tequila, of course.

Mayan Mule by Jaime Salas 

2 parts Milagro Resposado image003

½ part Fresh Lime Juice

2 dashes Angostura bitters

3 parts Ginger Beer

Mint sprigs

Lime wheel

Place 2-3 ice cubes in a Collin glass. Add fresh squeezed lime juice, Milagro Resposado, ginger beer and bitters. Garnish with mint sprigs and a lime wheel.

Tenochtitlan by Jaime Salas

image0042 parts Milagro Silver

1 part Fresh Lime Juice

¾ part Oregano simple*

4 Watermelon Chucks

Pink Peppercorn

Coarse Salt

Oregano Leaves


Muddle watermelon and add remaining ingredients into cocktail shaker. Shake and strain over fresh ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with fresh oregano leaf and pink peppercorn and coarse salt rim.

Do tell, what’s your favorite way to enjoy tequila?

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