Pad Thai–Spice Up Your Shellfish with the Taste of Thai

I’ve never been to Thailand, but I love Thai food. Well, hold on … maybe not all Thai food. I mean it’s not like I’ve tried everything the country has to offer food wise, but what I have had, I’ve enjoyed.

Years ago I lived in southern Oregon and had my first taste of Thai at Thai Pepper—a trendy little restaurant with great outdoor seating, overlooking the water. I had, of course, Pad Thai among other small bites and I enjoyed it so much that for the next few weeks learned to cook with coconut milk and peanut sauce … and I was in heaven. Literally.

Since moving to the Midwest I haven’t had much Thai food. Not because there aren’t Thai restaurants—there are—but I never could decide which one to try. Then, Pad Thai opened a few miles down the road from us … and it got some killer reviews … so on one crazy-hot summer night, we went. And we were not disappointed. The restaurant lets you choose between mild, medium, medium-hot, hot, extra-hot and Thai hot … I choose medium and it was plenty although next time I would probably bump it up to medium-hot (I cannot imagine what Thai-hot is?!).

I ordered Seafood Madness: Stir-fried shrimp, scallops, mussels, calamari, asparagus, bell pepper, carrot and basil in hot chili paste. Served on a hot plate. It was divine. The mussels (which are my favorite) were huge and had such beautiful shells. The dish is a plethora of colors and taste. Truly a masterpiece for the senses.

Would I go again? Um, yea. Duh.

For cooking at home, my favorite thing to do that’s semi-Thai is mix rice with fresh garlic, shrimp, and San J International Peanut Sauce. And every now and then I pull out Taste of Thai Coconut Milk and their red chili paste and get creative. BTW, if you’re looking for some great recipes, check out Taste of Thai’s website … they have an easy to use interactive filter where you can choose vegetarian, seafood, etc., entrée, desert, etc., authentic … it’s pretty awesome.

What’s your favorite way to Thai it up at home?

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