What Happens When Farmed Fish Escape into the Wild

Farmed vs. wild-caught. It’s a bigger debate–and quite frankly much more important– than the Mayweather-McGregor fight. But oddly, the question of who will win is the underlying battle with both topics.

I have said before that I mostly eat sustainable wild-caught fish, but I do believe there’s a vital role to be had by sustainable farmed-fish. But it’s hard to ignore news like this … Read this article on what happens when farmed fish escaping into the wild. Excellent reporting, very informative, and thought provoking!

Let me know your thoughts — I’d love to hear.

On a sidebar, I’m posting from my mobile app … look at me go! Hopefully this will post correctly. Ah, technology … the ability to post from my phone and fish that’s farmed. Hmmmm …

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