Run the Milwaukee Riverwalk

It’s a rarity I travel to a city and don’t find the time to run—even if it means I’m scrambling to find the time to shower, eat or drive a sensible speed to wherever it is I need to go. A few weeks ago I was, for the first time, in Milwaukee and was pleasantly surprised by how easy the city was to run … like to the point where I feel obliged to thank the city planners.

I stayed downtown, which if you’re visiting the 31st largest city in America, I highly recommend. The Milwaukee River runs directly through the city and the two-mile long Riverwalk boarders the river with multiple opportunities (16 to be exact) to easily cross. Along the way there are all kinds of interesting shops, restaurants, apartments and condos and, from what I gathered on an early Saturday morning run, a vibrant nightlife.

Seriously … who wouldn’t want to live in an apartment where you don’t need a car, but you do need a boat? OK. So you don’t NEED a boat … but as the river dumps into Lake Michigan, it won’t go unused if you do have one.

If you want to run more than two miles, just veer off the path and head uptown … now admittedly, if you want to run much faster than a 9-minute mile you’ll have a tough time. There’s just too many people. Likewise, if you want to run much farther than 3-5 miles, it’ll be a challenge. But hey, if you’re in the city for a short stay, hit the Riverwalk for a 3-miler and you’re golden ; )

STAY: At the Hilton, city center. Located downtown with easy access to everything.

EAT: The Miller Time Pub and Grill offers a nice selection of pub food, including the fish tacos I’m eating in the photo, and some outlandishly spicy—like you will have a sore throat after—fried pickles (so worth the sore throat!!). And they have an unprecedented supply of beer-related t-shirts. It is Milwaukee after all. Next time I’m in town I plan to visit Harbor House … their menu looks outstanding and has everything from raw oysters to shrimp succotash to halibut to lobster (and steak for you strange seafood abstainers that live among us).

DO: Visit the Harley Davidson museum … and if you’re feeling adventurous and have the time, tour the Basilica of St. Josaphat—a century-old basilica—or check out any one of the brew tours … Milwaukee is home to a lot and is the founding city for Miller, Schlitz and PBR.  Credit featured photo: Jeramey Jannene, CC BY 2.0, all other photography my own.

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