Broken English–Indy Gets Brand New Taco Pub (and yes, there’s seafood)

What happens when an Italian, a Mexican and a German all walk into a bar? Broken English. Duh.

“I speak English with my friends, and I often find myself mixing in Spanish words because there are some phrases that simply don’t translate to English. This happens in many other languages and cultures, but that is what makes the name ‘Broken English’ fun—it is part of our daily slang.” —One of the owners

Last year, May 5, 2016—Cinco de Mayo … three people (the aforementioned Italian, Mexican and German) opened their first Broken English Taco Pub in Chicago. Now, a mere year and a half later, there are three Chicago locations and its Indianapolis namesake is set to open to the public, Thursday, Nov. 16 at 4 p.m. This is the groups’ first location outside Chicago, and Indy’s ready! Today, I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak into the taco pub and taste some of their fresh, street-style tacos …

About the menu
image001 (1)Curated by Executive Chef Frank Valdez, the menu includes a variety of authentic Mexican flavors, such as their famous street tacos, festive salads, and queso fundido … and … yep, you guessed it (I mean I am a mermaid) delicious seafood options like shrimp salad with jicama and a mango-lime-cilantro dressing and fish tacos that even all the carnivores of the world would love. Really. Cross my fingers. As for the fish tacos at Broken English Taco Pub … they’re not your run of the mill variety … Valdez’ take starts with a seasoned hunk of fish—a big hunk—and includes Mexican slaw, pico de gallo, chunky guacamole, a touch of chipotle sauce, a few crispy tortilla sticks and cilantro springs so fresh you’ll think they were just clipped from a backyard herb garden.  NOTE: the fish I had was a white fish but depending on what’s available, it could be swordfish or something else that’s brought in fresh.
Pescado del dia (fish tacos) Two for $9 | Endalada de Camaron (shrimp salad) $13

About the drinks
image006Signature margaritas. Yea, I know. Every restaurant in the world has what they call “signature” drinks on their menu, but at Broken English Taco Pub, their versions truly are a unique mixture. Personally, I’m a fan of the traditional, on the rocks with salt version (just thought you should know in case we’re ever together and you want to buy me a drink) but the mango margarita (seen above) is becoming a quick hit. The restaurant also features frozen drink options, a full cocktail menu, and a wide selection of craft beer.

Broken English is one of the only downtown Indy restaurants with drinks to go—customers can take signature drinks and beers to-go in branded Broken English cups.

About the space
IMG_2298The 7,500-square-foot restaurant is located at the corner of Georgia and Meridian streets (the former Tilted Kilt) in downtown Indianapolis. Inside, the remodeled space showcases original murals by Chicago graffiti artist JC Rivera in collaboration with Mosher Show and Louie Capozzoli. The ceilings are fixed with piñatas and string lights; the floors covered with ceramic tile; tables set with traditional glass novena candles; and the seating is comfortable, vibrant red leather. Plus, there are more than 40 TVs, a game room, a DJ booth for live music, and an outdoor patio.

“Broken English is a place where people can cheer on their favorite team, listen to good music, and grab a drink with friends all while enjoying authentic Mexican flavors,” said Jason Felsenthal, director of operations at 8 Hospitality.

Broken English Taco Pub: Open for dinner 4:00 p.m. to 3 a.m. Serving lunch and Sunday brunch soon … stay tuned and check the website for updates. | 141 S Meridian St, Indianapolis

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