Crab Stuffed Enchilada Bites

These little gems are a great way to sneak a little seafood into your diet. I’ve seen them made with chicken and beef—which is fine—but hey, since Americans need to eat more seafood, why not try substituting the meat with either crab, shrimp, canned tuna or a mild, white fish or your choice. I promise, they’ll be a big hit!

Not sure which seafood to use? If you’re not a big seafood eater, I suggest starting with canned tuna but be sure you drain it well. I like them with crab but just about any seafood works. So give them a whirl and let me know what you used and how they turned out.


Seafood Stuffed Zucchini Enchilada Bites
4-6 zucchini
2 cups crab, chopped shrimp, or canned tuna
1 cup diced onion
1 cup diced red pepper
1 cup green pepper
1 cup Monteray jack cheese
2-3 jalapeno depending on your preference
4-5 garlic cloves diced
2 Tablespoons cumin
2 Tablespoons paprika
1 lime, juiced
1-2 cups red enchilada sauce
1 cup chopped cilantro
1 can sliced black olives

Shave zucchini with a potato peeler or sharp knife, set aside. Combine all ingredients in one bowl BUT only use  ½ cup of the cilantro, set the rest aside for the topping. Stir ingredients together until well blended using one cup of the enchilada sauce, adding more as needed. You don’t want it too “soupy.” Spread approximately 2 tablespoons of the mixture lengthwise on to the zucchini and roll up. Place on nonstick pan—I use a cheesecake pan with side releases. Continue until pan is full. Bake 400 degrees for 15 minutes. Add cheese, bake another 10 minutes. Remove from oven and sprinkle with remaining cilantro and sliced olives. Serve with a side of Mexican rice, and maybe corn and or beans. Enjoy!

A note about my recipes … most of what I cook isn’t a precise science. It’s look, taste and feel. And I encourage you to cook the same way. Add a little more of this, or a little less of that … and pay attention … and before long you’ll be a wiz at cooking seafood.

Coming up next week on the blogstay tuned for more Seafood School lessons! 

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