Homemade Smoked Salmon Dip

On any given Sunday, when dinner time rolls around one of three things happens: we either have an elaborate family dinner; we go out as a family; or, we chill with a few appetizers on the back patio, listen to music and drink wine. In the summer, the latter of the three tends to be my preferred way to spend a Sunday evening and one of my favorite things to make, is this smoked salmon dip—it’s easy, and its delicious.

What kind of salmon is the best smoked salmon?
There are many different smoked salmon brands readily available, and in all honesty, I don’t have a preference. I only care that it’s from the U.S. and that it’s a sustainable product. I’ve used king (aka Chinook), coho (aka silver), and my favorite variety sockeye (aka kokanee or red). Right now, I have family in town from the PNW and she brought some SeaBear sockeye. Lots of time, with a product this good, I serve it as is on a plate with nothing but cream cheese and capers. And, truth be known, sometimes I just eat it by itself … yes, it’s that good! But it’s also divine when used in a smoked salmon dip—here’s all you need to know to make this awesome appetizer for yourself (no, you don’t have to share, unless you want too ; ).

Smoked Salmon (or smoked trout or clam) Dip
One 8 ounce package of cream cheese (YES, it’s OK to use the light but don’t use fat free)
4-6 ounces smoked salmon**
½ cup sour cream (light on this too)
2 tbsp chopped dill
1 tbsp minced garlic
1 tbsp lemon juice
Salt and pepper to taste

**Smoked trout and clams both work equally as well in this recipe. Although, if using clams I prefer to add parsley instead of dill. Also, some people like to add horseradish. If you’re one of those, then go for it. Me, I’m not a fan of the sinus clearing root.

Place cream cheese in food processor and whip for 2 minutes. Add remaining ingredients EXCEPT salmon and mix thoroughly. Fold in salmon by hand. And that’s it! Serve with crackers, spread on cucumbers, stuffed into celery, or spread over a toasted bagel. Or just eat it by the spoonful … no one’s watching. I promise!

A note about my recipes … most of what I cook isn’t a precise science. It’s look, taste and feel. And I encourage you to cook the same way. Add a little more of this, or a little less of that … and pay attention … and before long you’ll be a wiz at cooking seafood.

Coming up NEXT on the blog … all about oysters and the farmers and fishermen who bring the shellfish to our tables and on the next installment of Tuesday Travels: all about Oregon’s HWY 101 and the fabulous coastal town along the route.

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