Rail–where the food you eat is literally, raised in a barn

Everyday this week, I’ll be posting short reads on some of my favorite Indianapolis restaurants for seafood. This is post three of 10. If you get a chance to visit, or have a place you think I should check out, drop me a line—I’d love to hear from you!

Rail—formerly Rail Epicurean Market, now known simply as Rail—is located in Westfield; a north suburb, about 25 minutes due north of the city center. It’s a locally-owned hotspot frequented by neighborhood folks as well as those living in nearby suburbs and downtown Indy. The restaurant isn’t huge, but it’s on a bustling street with other local offerings (Chiba and Italian House on Park and Greeks Pizza) so if you just can’t wait for a table, you can try your luck elsewhere. But if you can wait, DO! Dishes are innovative, cocktails are delicious, and the wait staff is inviting and conversational. During the summer, there’s a quaint little patio out front where you can sip coffee and enjoy brioche in the early hours, or if you visit later in the day, sit for lunch or dinner.

Rail, has been serving REAL farm-to-table food to customers ever since they opened; long before the concept became popular

The Food
The best thing about this place is, obviously, is the food—which is always seasonal and almost always sourced from local and or regional purveyors. One of my favorite things I’ve ever had at this delightful eatery is the “fish n’ chips.” I cannot say enough about this dish … think fish n’ chips deconstructed. If that makes sense. Honestly, the chef’s take on the traditional British fare was spectacular—pan seared wild-caught cod, pea puree, sweet potato fries, malt vinegar gastrique, and fried leeks. This dish appealed to every sense … crunchy, delicate, savory. Delicious. I also adore their simple salmon with arugula and burrata. And for those that like pork chops, you simply MUST ORDER them, if they don’t run out, that it … yes, the dish is that popular; served with gnocchi and wild mushrooms. Another go-to item for a lot of people, especially for lunch, is the ham and brie sandwich on a crusty baguette or rich brioche. Who knew ham and cheese could be so good?!

Bottom line: Rail is one of the only places where you can order food and rest assured that no matter what you order, it’s been selected for seasonality and availability as well as taste. The menu changes often and though it’s not huge, the food is ethically sourced, and it’s delicious. A truly inspirational and delightful experience.

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