Salt on Mass–a true ocean-to-table seafood restaurant

Everyday this week, I’ll be posting short reads on some of my favorite Indianapolis restaurants for seafood. This is post five of 10. If you get a chance to visit, or have a place you think I should check out, drop me a line—I’d love to hear from you!

I’m in love with this locally-owned, seafood-centered restaurant. It’s located right in the middle of a hip downtown scene on Mass Ave and has an ambiance akin to some of the best seafood restaurants on both the West Coast and East Coast. Ever since it opened in late summer 2016, it has been striving to become one of the city’s top spots for fresh seafood. It is a true ocean-to-table establishment and they take pride in the fact that they have no on-site freezers; according to one of the owners, they base their menu(s) on what’s coming in from the boats so you can rest assured that what you order is in-season and super fresh—proving to all the naysayers out there that yes, yes, you can eat fresh seafood in the Midwest.

The Food
While I haven’t tried everything on the menu, I have had a number of dishes and I’ve loved each and every one. The Alaskan halibut with sautéed leeks, haricot verts and a wild rice cake is beyond delicious. Another favorite, the line-caught, seared tuna. Delicate. Melt-in-your-mouth perfection. Oh, and the sea bass is light and rich at the same time. My fav dish is probably the scallops, Boston Diver! Perfection. Blows my mind that these delightful shellfish are harvested by hand.

Bottom line: Salt is a true seafood restaurant. Not only do they serve fresh, sustainable seafood, but they do so in a lovely manner with exquisite presentation, and most importantly, divine taste. Something to note, one of the most popular items (and I say this not because I asked, but because every time I go there, someone I’m with always orders it) on the menu is the salmon. Previously, they offered Faroe Island salmon and I am among many seafood advocates who do not support restaurants or grocers that sell Faroe Island salmon, be it wild-caught or farmed. BUT, lately they’ve swapped their salmon to those from the clear, clean waters of Alaska’s Bristol Bay … and that, quite frankly, is awesome and something I and everyone else can get behind … so if you want a great seafood restaurant with a gazillion options, this is your place!

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