Mitchell’s Fish Market–where freshness reigns

Everyday this week, I’ll be posting short reads on some of my favorite Indianapolis restaurants for seafood. This is post 9 of 10. If you get a chance to visit, or have a place you think I should check out, drop me a line—I’d love to hear from you!

When we first moved to the Midwest from the West Coast, Mitchell’s Fish Market was one of the first restaurants we went to. And it quickly became a family favorite with weekly visits. In fact, we went there so much, that after my son was born the manager used to have one of the waitstaff come and rock him so we could enjoy our dinner. It was beyond sweet … and for my daughter’s 13th birthday, they even made us a special, commemorative menu that we have framed, hanging in our dining room. So yea … we kinda liked the place.

Our favorite place to eat is outside on the semi-covered patio, but inside is great too. The bar is perfect size, not so big you can’t get service, but not so small you run into yourself. And the Captain’s Room (a small, private dining area you can reserve) is a fun place to eat when you have a special event; like my daughter’s birthday.

The Food

The raw bar serves a tasty shrimp cocktail, traditional Maryland-style crab cakes, PEI mussles, and more. To be honest, more often than not I order the mussles for my main course rather than an entrée. I have had their lobster bisque and the seafood gumbo, both are good, but they used to have a seafood stew on their menu (main image) that was absolutely outstanding … alas, it hasn’t been listed the last few times I’ve been there.

Bottom line: Like many restaurants, Mitchell’s has had a number of changes to their menu over the years. Being a seafood junkie, I like some of the previous offerings more, BUT while I’m not a big fan of their main courses, I would 100 percent recommend this restaurant for the raw bar (honest, the oysters are sublime) and for shellfish … the lobster—both cold-water twin tails and the live Maine—and the Alaskan king crab are cooked to perfection. Bonus, they almost always have some specialty craft cocktail that knocks my socks off. If you go, and if they have the pine fin, a “martini” made with pineapple Finlandia vodka garnished with … yea, vodka-infused pineapple spears … you have to order it. So, so, so good.

Coming up NEXT on the blog … perfect oven-baked salmon and lobster thermidor. Want more from The Midwest Mermaid? Be sure to follow along here, and on Instagram for all the latest in seafood news and chews | @shaunanosler

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