Anthony’s Chophouse in Carmel

Mondays I post short reads about local, sometimes regional, eateries that serve seafood. You can read my take on other favorites, by opening the Eat Indy link under the “LOCAL” tab above. And if you get a chance to visit one of these establishments, or have a place you think I should check out, drop me a line—I’d love to hear your thoughts! Thanks for swimming along (wink, wink).

I don’t eat at a  lot of restaurants. I do eat out, but I’m a creature mermaid of habit and when I find something I love, I have a tendency to go back time and time again. But as I’m working my way through Indianapolis-area restaurants that serve seafood, I do find myself at places I might not usually go, like Anthony’s Chophouse in Carmel.

Admittedly, when I first looked at the menu I was like OMG there’s hardly anything for a conscientious pescatarian to eat. There’s some good options for appetizers or small plates, but when I visited there were only two seafood entrees: Faroe Island salmon, which is out of the question, and Chesapeake Bay jumbo scallops. Fortunately, I love scallops …

What I had … from the appetizer menu we had oysters. What I love, is they feature both West Coast and East Coast varieties which is awesome for people who are new to oysters and want to experience the difference. Next, we ordered tuna tataki. Typically I’m not a fan of seared tuna, but this was delicate and the pickled jalapeno along with wasabi root and avocado cream gave it the perfect amount of heat and cool.

Dinner … the scallops were lovely, but what really impressed me about the dish was the creamy cotija polenta bed the scallops were nestled in—what can I say, I’m a sucker for grits and polenta takes a close second. Note, the dish calls for fermented chorizo but I had it left out. To accompany the scallop dish, I ordered forest mushrooms and spinach … and if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t have shared them! I would’ve ordered a plate for myself. Yes, it is that good.

What I’ll go back for … when it comes to seafood, this isn’t going to be my first choice for a restaurant, but I will go back for the lobster bisque. I didn’t order it, but it looks so damn good I’m already planning my return trip.

Bottom line … this is a steakhouse. Repeat, STEAKHOUSE. There is damn near every kind of steak and cut on the menu so if you are a lover of red meat, Anthony’s Chophouse is definitely in your wheelhouse. And kudos to their service—it was outstanding as were the drinks and the wine list has some great West Coast finds that many restaurants don’t carry here in Indy. Oh, and one awesome thing about this place, other than the hip location and rooftop bar, is the kids menu. It’s limited, but it’s perfect … steak, chicken, fish or pasta. Done. And though I didn’t sample anything from the kid’s menu, I can tell you there were plenty of youngsters in the restaurant and they all looked (and sounded) happy.

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