Lobster Thermidor

The first time I had lobster I was in Palm Springs on a college spring break. Yea, yea … I know … most college spring breaks consist of cold pizza, beer, nachos and maybe some late-night cheese fries. What can I say, I did things a little different than most. Anyway, we were out to dinner and I remember being asked if I liked lobster. To which I said something like, “Don’t know. I’ve never had it.” I’m sure I’d been places that had it, but being a creature mermaid of habit, I usually ordered crab or some other seafood. I remember my friend telling me it tasted like crab, so I ordered it. And while it might be similar, it is most certainly not “like” crab. It’s richer. Thicker. Not as sweet. And has, I think, a rougher texture. But it’s delicious, none the same.

Nowadays, I order lobster every now and then but I’m still more of a crab fan … and I’ve cooked whole lobster at home. Cooked both warm-water and cold-water tails too. And I like all of it. My favorite is Maine lobster and given the chance will always opt for this New England gem over any other variety. I prefer it steamed and served with a little drawn butter and lemon. That’s it. Simple. But for years I’ve been curious about lobster thermidor. It looks amazing. So I started Googling recipes eventually combining what I wanted and made it at home. And you know what, I’m not impressed. In all honesty, I think it’s terrible and dumb I mean why waste a perfectly amazing lobster that can, and should, stand on its own??

Traditionally, lobster thermidor is made from chunks of the meat cooked in a creamy white-wine sauce with mushrooms. The almost custard-like concoction is scooped into the empty shells and baked in the oven. Some recipes add a little cheese to top it off, some don’t. So here’s the deal … as much as I love cheese and just about anything made with real cream, I don’t think it enhances the lobster flavor. I think it masks it. So again, why waste a perfectly amazing lobster that can, and should, stand on its own?? 

Thoughts? Have you ever made it at home or ordered it?

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