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Have a project to discuss or product to promote? I’d love to hear from you! I am always interested in working with like-minded individuals and organizations. I’m open to working with anyone looking to promote seafood consumption, sustainable fishing practices (both for wild-caught and ethically farm-raised seafood) and the health of our oceans. I also work with organizations to help promote products inline with a healthy lifestyle.

A contributing author and editor to many publications and organizations—the Indianapolis Star, the national news group U.S. News & World Report, MapQuest Travel, United States Track & Field, Indianapolis Monthly Magazine, Edible Indy, United Health Care and more—I’m a non-niche journalist who’s strengths lie in writing compelling stories that spark a reader’s interest to learn more.

Though I’ve covered a wide array of topics over the years, I’m passionate about seafood, sustainable fishing, and the health of our oceans—and I write about all of it on my blog, Seafood Is The New Black. My coverage of the sustainable seafood movement has brought many accolades including a television appearance during National Seafood Month and speaking engagements on behalf of the Seafood Nutrition Partnership and The American Heart Association and in 2017, an article I co-authored was a James Beard award nominee finalist for the Best Social Issue article.

Samples of the content I’ve produced for various clients is on my portfolio.

Want to work with me? Sweet. I’m fun. And I’m good at what I do, so drop me a line and let’s chat |


Over the last year or so I’ve had some life-altering circumstances that led me to reevaluate everything … from how I was (or wasn’t) eating, how I was exercising, how I was behaving … basically, how I was living. And though I have never consumed much dairy or meat (beef, poultry, pork) I have always been a big supporter of the seafood industry and over the years have loved ordering seafood in restaurants and preparing it at home.

But the issue of sustainability took hold and once I started researching some of the species I was eating, I stepped away from eating any seafood at all …

I went back to “school” and got my certificate in plant-based nutrition through Cornell University’s online program and made the switch to veganism, for about three months. But, as we all evolve and are allowed to do so, I’ve reintroduced some seafood to my diet—and by some I mean a very selective, ethically sourced, sustainably managed select few … and it works for me. I still don’t eat any other animal proteins (beef, poultry, pork) nor will I ever. And I don’t eat dairy (except for the occasional hunk of French brie) … so I am a flexitarian following a (90 percent) plant-based diet and “flexing” my flexitarian self on occasion to include seafood in my diet. And so, if you want to know more about my journey, head over to the new blog I’ve launched (along with my favorite man) Gastro-Licious (dot) com and read about how we live a mostly delicious, plant-based lifestyle both in and out of the kitchen.