Current Projects

Best Seafood in the Midwest
Sounds like an impossible task, but I’ve been diligently working on a comprehensive guide for where the best seafood “lives” here in the landlocked region. Specifically I’m working with restaurants and chefs for a “Get Your Seafood Here” guide: want to be included? Great. Get in touch me or fill out my contact form … BUT know this, I only include seafood that’s traceable … that, and it has to taste good too! Right now I’m finishing the greater Indianapolis guide so if you’re a purveyor, or know someone who is, of excellent seafood then please, reach out. I’d love to hear from you and schedule a time to visit the establishment.

School Lunches
Let’s be honest, most school lunches suck. But they don’t have to … and quite frankly, it doesn’t make any sense. Why is it that our children are asked to eat frozen foods and far-from-nutritious foods that come from God only knows where, when not far from school grounds are farm lands and retailers selling fresh produce, nitrate-free meats and delicious lunch options??

Currently I’m working with a few local individuals to up heave the system and bring fresh foods to our schools. Specifically, I’m working to introduce seafood to the menu once a week. Wouldn’t that be great! And I’m not crazy … it’s being done.

Want to help with this project? I’d love to talk to you … drop me a line at