Oceans, Rivers & Lakes

Here you’ll find five-minute reads focused on the places I’ve been that center around the oceans, rivers and lakes that make up this beautiful world of ours …

While none of these “reviews” are meant to describe in detail the places I’ve been, they do give you a general overview as well as tell you where to run (cause this mermaid is the running kind, what? Did you really think I still had my tail?) and where to eat … oh, and maybe where to take a killer yoga class too. 

More to come … thank goodness! I mean who doesn’t want to read more about beaches (yes, even inland ones!)

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DISCLAIMER: I’m a writer and an editor. And I try my best to make sure every post is articulate and free from errors. However, being that I edit my own work—and it’s next to impossible to properly edit your own work—I admit, occasionally there may be an error or two I miss. But doing so doesn’t make me an idiot so don’t be mean. Just smile, pat yourself on the back for finding an error and be glad you’re not the only one who makes mistakes sometimes … yes, even mermaids slip up every now and then. xoxox