Everyone eats. Everyone drinks. Even Mermaids ; ) Here are some of my favorite restaurants and the amazing seafood-inspired dishes they serve, along with a few of the dishes I create at home and drinks too! Coming soon, a comprehensive guide to the best places to buy seafood in the Midwest.

IMG_2852How to make a spicy fish stew at home … one that will impress guests and make your taste buds dance a little happy dance. Read More.


salmonAll you need to know about salmon … the species and how to cook this amazing ray-finned fish. (Note, this article is also categorized under sustainability.Read More.


IMG_5913Did you know Americans eat more shrimp than any other seafood? More, believe it or not, than canned tuna or frog legs. OK. So maybe you figured we didn’t eat too many frog legs, but canned tuna? Read More.

Flor de Cana Pina ColadaTwo killer piña colada recipes that will knock your socks off. Read More.




Try these two refreshing new drinks made with tequila … in other words, here’re some cocktails using tequila that aren’t a margarita 😉 Read More.



I love shellfish … the more mussels, the better … here’s one of my favorite Thai places in the Midwest, and one in Oregon too! Read More.